Natural Pools

Water can transform a space into a tranquil outdoor living environment. We believe that every garden should have even the smallest water feature as it enhances the atmosphere and experience. Chemical free natural swimming pools is an area that Full Potential Landscapes truly believe and specialize in. Unlike conventional pools, natural or bio pools are specifically designed so you can swim in pure, clear water and that requires little maintenance thanks to the bio filter technology.

We construct, natural, free-form pools that work with nature and the surrounding environment. Our inspiration has been drawn from the Australian landscape, and our designs are built to aesthetically look great all year round.

What are natural swimming pools?

Natural Pools can be best described with that of a slow-running mountain stream or billabong. They work side by side with nature, using microorganisms, plants and the self-purifying properties of water to create a sustainable water feature. We work closely with partners from Europe that use the most advanced technology to achieve the purest water quality with their state of the art water filters.

There are many health benefits for people who suffer from asthma, skin irritations or lung illnesses as there is no chlorine or hazardous chemicals. Imagine a pool where your eyes don’t sting and your skin and hair isn’t left dry!

Swimming in natural water is a one of life’s basic and most joyful experiences, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and connected with nature. Full Potential Landscapes create high quality landscapes, and will work closely with your budget. Please contact us for a quote or for additional information.

Natural Ponds
Provide habitat for frogs
Freshwater Swimming Pools
Keep cool without chemicals
Billabongs and waterfalls