Full Potential Landscapes create gardens that are perfect for you and your family, so the whole process is centred on you. No matter what budget you are working with, the process is individually tailored to make it a stress free and an enjoyable experience.
Step 1
We take the time to meet and talk with you to discuss your needs, walk around your garden to understand your ideas for the landscape. We take measurements and get all the information we need to create a design and quote. This meeting is free.
Step 2
Design & Quote
If you choose to go ahead with the construction, we will work with you to design a landscape that meets you and your families needs and desires. After the landscape as been quoted, we personally run through the design to ensure it is exactly what you are after.
Step 3
Once you sign off, we get to work!
Step 4
To make sure that your garden is growing beautifully, we return at 3 months for a free maintenance service, check that all plants are healthy and construction is still at a high quality.