Full Potential Landscapes, a member of the Landscape Industries Association of Victoria (LIAV), is a Landscape construction business specialialing in sustainable, natural and self sufficient edible gardens. We have over 15 years experience with sustainable landscapes and natural pools. Full Potential Landscapes is the sole Victorian building representative for natural pool supplier gartenART Australia.

From a history of working and living on the land, we understand the importance of natural cycles and the potential nourishment and lifestyle that a garden can give to a home and family. The process is really about being able to understand the client's needs and to be able to use the land to its full potential, where water conservation and the use of natural resources is a top priority.

With a passion for permaculture, Full Potential Landscapes aims to create a garden that is not only aesthetically beautiful but also is multi functional with areas for recreational purposes, is environmental friendly and produces food for the family. Our gardens involve little maintenance and with the use of native indigenous plants and billabongs, your garden will become a haven where you can retreat, relax or enjoy time with the family. Australia's natural landscapes are the inspiration for Full Potential Landscapes' designs. The Grampians, The Dandenong's, Wilson's Promontory and the Outback offer endless inspiration to create a mini-ecosystem, landscape and design for our clients.

We are also Members of Permaculture Melbourne Group and the Landscape Industry Association Victoria.